From cleaning houses, to waiting tables, to sleeping on couches and taking care of an aging soul singer that used to live above what is now Harvard and Stone, Alicia Blue has been writing songs all the while. The youngest girl of all boys, her gritty stride has brought her to the heart of LA’s folk-singer-songwriter music scene. Telling tales of not so pretty realities, laced with heart-breaking truths, she explores culture, race and identity in her music. Especially her first single “Incognito”, which tells a cryptic tale of Alicia’s experience as a “passing” Latina, and the racist off color comments she was forced to hear growing up. Striking a nerve with listeners, Alicia’s message has made it this far, coming all the way from the outskirts of the underrepresented, humble characters she grew up with. Often not given a voice, until now.  Listen to “Incognito” here as it premiers on KCRW February 6th, 2019.